Kimes Steel & Rail, Inc.

The Start 1986


Kimes Steel & Rail, Inc. was formed by Dennis E. Kimes and Charlotte J. Kimes, his wife, and began operations in September 1986 producing railroad gage rods under an exclusive agreement with the now defunct Midwest Steel of Pomeroy, Ohio. Dennis worked at Midwest as a drill press operator from 1975 until beginning Kimes Steel, Inc. in 1986.


After Midwest Steel was bought, the new owner decides to not continue the previous relationship between, the new owner decides to not continue the previous relationship between Kimes Steel, Inc. and Midwest Steel. Kimes Steel begins producing gage rods for the railroad construction industry as a whole selling its products to end users such as railroads, contractors and industry while also selling its products to resellers and other distributors across the U.S. In 1995 Kimes Steel & Rail, Inc. begins manufacturing light switch materials typically used in mining, light industry and amusement parks. Erected turnouts, switch stands and other track work was added during this time. These products were mostly sold to resellers who typically packaged the material with rail, ties and other rail products.


Dennis E. Kimes decides to retire and turns ownership of the company over to his son D. Shannon Kimes. Charlotte stays on continuing her secretary and accounting responsibilities. Kimes Steel, Inc. was renamed as Kimes Steel & Rail, Inc. to better reflect the company's railroad products expertise. Shannon is a mechanical engineer with a degree in engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He has worked either part time or full time in the company since its inception. Shannon is now working to grow the company by adding new equipment that is enabling the company to enter many previously unserved areas. New products the company has introduced or will soon introduce include, more angle bars, steel ties, hook twin tie plates, switch plates and other heavy and light track work materials.

Capabilities & Capacities

Steel Hot Rolling on 16" & 22" Morgardshammars Mills 8"+ to 3/8"
Bolt & Anchor Threading - 1/2" through 1-1/2" (Cut Threads & Rolled)
Pressing - 200 Ton OBI Clearing
CNC Machining - 4 axis with 84" bed CAT 50 machine & smaller 5th axis machine
Forging - 3,000 lb drop hammer & 2-1/2" Ajax Upsetter
Bending - 3/8" through 1-1/2" solid round bar
Wood Moulding - 8" wide
Welding - Mig steel with robotic capability
Bending rail, beams and channels
Automatic Sawing & punching rail and structural steel
Manual milling up to 15' bed