Collection: Track Spikes

Whether you’re a hobbyist, a collector, or a professional in the rail industry, we’ve got you covered wherever you need railroad spikes. Our selection includes a variety of sizes and materials to suit your needs. These are the real deal—spikes that have been used on actual railroads. Each one carries a piece of history after being produced in our plant in West Virginia, USA.  Crafted from high-quality steel, our spikes are built to withstand the test of time and the weight of heavy trains. Use them for track construction, landscaping, art projects, as rustic home décor or wherever else you want to use them.

Standard Railroad Spikes: These are the workhorses of the industry. Available in various lengths, they’re perfect for securing rails to ties.

Small Railroad Spikes: Need something smaller for use in amusement rides, tourist trains, hobby projects? Our mini spikes are ideal for smaller-scale projects.

High Carbon Railroad Spikes: For extra strength and longevity, consider our high carbon options.

Bulk Railroad Spikes: Stock up for larger endeavors or resale.

Wondering where to buy railroad spikes near you? Look no further, if you are in the USA, we share the same continent! We offer convenient shipping options, and you can also explore local suppliers in your area. We believe in fair pricing without compromising quality. Our railroad spikes are competitively priced, and we stand behind their authenticity and durability. Whether you’re restoring an antique train, building a garden pathway, or creating unique art, our railroad spikes are the perfect choice. Explore our collection today!