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85 lb ASCE Single shoulder tie plate 4 hole RELAY / USED

85 lb ASCE Single shoulder tie plate 4 hole RELAY / USED

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Our single shoulder tie plates protect the ties against wear and helps maintain gauge. The single shoulder design prevents outward expansion of the rails. These plates are 9" or 10" long and 7" wide and is normally punched with four 11/16" spikes holes, so that the rail base overlaps 1/16" of the holes. Generally, 5/8" spikes are recommended for 85 lb ASCE rails.

We can punch these tie plates for other sizes of rail, choose your rail size below or contact us to discuss your needs. These plates could be punched for 40 lb, 50 lb, 60 lb, 65 lb, 70 lb, 75 lb, 80 lb, or 90 lb rails of various sections including ASCE, RA, RB RE, MoPac, Can Pac, PS, PRR, CB&Q, SOO LINE, D&RG, Great Northern, C&NW, AREA, ARA-A and ARA-B among others. Depending on your application they may even be suitable for 100 and 115 lb rail sections. Always consult with an engineer about your specific application.  Typically, when punched for smaller rails we place one hole opposite the shoulder, with 2 in the shoulder allowing for 3 spikes to be used.



Weight: 14 lb

Material: Steel

Height: 0.5 in

Width: 7 in

Depth / Length: 13 in

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